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Mike Buff & RL Osborn 1984 Old School BMX Video

Mike Buff & RL Osborn 1984 Old School BMX Video
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Mike Buff and teammate RL Osborn riding for BMX Action Trick Team in the Huntington Beach contest in 1984. Produced by Richard Christiansen and FirstOnBoard.com. Also featured in the BMX DVD “Rollin Back BMX.” Old school vintage action sports from FOB!
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  • MrCarrothead86

    This vid is great! The announcer’s voice was hilarious! He sounded like a girl. Buff n RL FTW!

  • turfguy87

    great stuff; things have come a long way….

  • SaulMeyersz

    @mrchan101 dude i know exactly how you feel. thats why im here to relive those old memorys

  • flatpat1

    Mike Buff had a great Jewfro.

  • TheSonicmule

    damn, him did a hand stand on him bike

  • macdonaldjohnd

    I heard RL was an big ego piece of work, and now hes a business owner from what I hear.
    Isnt he the son of the legendary Bob Osborn, the once photographer of BMX ACTION?

  • gorgeoussteve

    great stuff! back in 84 I bought my first freestylin mag and these guys were my heros! nowadays the crowds are louder but freestyle has always been the best Sport …..hardest trick in the flat-world…..pedal spin….yeah….right…..thanks for posting!!


    The partnership of Buff and Osbourne didn’t last long as R. L. O. claimed that they “weren’t working well together” but the truth is more like he was tired of listening to Blood and Buff packing each others fudge after the shows in the motel room.


    Original Early 80s Vans Freestyle Legend Crazy Lacy and his sons Chris 22 and Corey 19 “The Furmage Family” is now known as “The First Family Of Freestyle”. COOL. Because William Crazy Lacy Furmage is the only Father and sons team still doing shows for over 30 years in it. Congrats Crazy Lacy.


    Did that homo really say “this is about as easy as riding down a bar of soap down your bath-drain? Holy fuck, so was RL osbourne or Mike Buff that fucked this fruit in the ass after the show? I’m gonna say Buff was the fruit…

  • dospassos23

    i can’t believe I found this ftg.

  • cptnsolo77

    Yep! Thats Fred Blood, he invented the decade because it took him 10 days to learn. Wow, Im showing my age LOL

  • joysonno

    dood! nice shorts!

  • brw9284

    i think the announcer is fred blood….

  • LizzyJaye

    Yes those were the days: Huntington, surf, and dolphin shorts :)

  • excav8or


  • vdogg43

    Awesome grass roots of the sport of freestyle.

  • mrchan101

    that brings back some cool memories…i am 40 now and occasionally bust out some old school flatland myself

  • bbwbb2

    I miss it along with all the other old schoolers

  • BMXLegend64

    Cool History.
    To see one of the First Freestyle teams to use P.K.Ripper in .1982 check out (Crazy Lacy BMX) This guy has the Super Style II BMX Freestyle team. He and Tony Ray Davis first rode Mongoose then Pk. The first team to Cross Over to Vans in 1982. Crazy Lacy Now helps the youth fight the NO BIKES ALLOWED IN SKATEPARKS. He’s 44 now and has 3 videos on youtube. His sons also have youtube videos under Furmage

  • smerrigan

    gotta love the music selection

  • krts

    Very cool!!

  • andyirwin1

    How come this hasnt had a million hits ? RAD

  • msmbuchanan

    Ha Ha I still have the famous Mike Buff
    poster on the kickturn ramp doing a one
    hander one footer…. Classic:)

  • jrpolanco

    too rad!I miss those days,so every time I ride I try to bring it!freestyle rules!

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